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by | Aug 17, 2011 | 2 comments | did a great piece for business folks who are on the go, and don’t have the time to get to a gym.  Living out of hotels and airports can put a serious strain on the body.  The following article from has some great tips and tricks on how to stay fit on the go.

For many business travelers, logging a lot of travel miles is synonymous with packing on the pounds. But with summer coming to an end, its time to work off all of those hotdogs, burgers and brats we filled up on.  “It’s not so difficult,” says Joanne Lichten, a nutritionist and author of How to Stay Healthy & Fit on the Road. “It’s starts with something as simple as walking whenever you can or packing healthy snacks like oatmeal and dehydrated soups.” And maybe doing a little shopping.

Here are some travel-friendly products we found to beef up your fitness kit and travel workout regimen.

1 Gaiam Reversible Travel Mat – Weighing in at just 1 pound, Gaiam’s compact travel mat folds up like a towel and easily fits in a carry-on. Lay it down on the floor (it grips) for a quick yoga fix, or if your hotel is swanky enough to offer fitness classes, layer it over a regular mat when you get your Vinyasa on. At less than $30, it’s pretty affordable, too

2 Thermo Bubbles – When fitness guru David Kirsch (Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, etc.) introduced Thermo Bubbles a couple of years ago, stores couldn’t restock fast enough. The supplement supposedly staves off hunger while boosting energy. Pour a packet ($39.99 for 10) into a bottle of water, drink up and ignore the doughnuts on the conference table.

3 AquaBells Travel Weights – For $49.95, you can pack eight fillable dumbbells in your briefcase but tote less than 26 additional ounces. Fill them with water and you’ll have up to 16 pounds of resistance to work with.

4 Infinity Travel Hoop – BodyHoops’ collapsible hula hoops trim your core while taking almost no space in your luggage. The “small” ($44.99) is plenty big and weighs just 2 pounds.

5 RCA JetStream MP3 Player – A splash-proof MP3 with FM tuner, 1-gig storage, wireless headphones, stopwatch, pedometer, calorie counter and BMI calculator. It lists for $149.99 but sells for $30 at online retailers.

6 Vapur Water Bottle – It holds 16 ounces of water and rolls up to fit in a pocket. The bottle is reusable, washable and comes in a few colors. For $8.95, never throw away a plastic bottle in an airport again.

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. One thing to keep in mind when working out, hiking, or just working outside is to stay hydrated. A good water bottle is the best way keep a nice cold drink near by.

  2. Great post, and excellent blog. Thank you Friend !!!


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