Swolverine Vitamin D3


Give Yourself a Clinical Dose of Sunshine!
  • 10,000 IU vitamin D3 per serving
  • Encapsulated in olive oil for maximum potency
  • 1,250% DV vitamin D3 in each softgel
  • 90 servings per bottle

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90 servings

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It’s estimated that nearly 1 billion people or 50% of the world population are vitamin d deficient. Swolverine’s VITAMIN D3 soft gel capsules are a mega-dose of 10,000 IUs encapsulated in olive oil to maximize potency and absorption. Supplementing with Vitamin D3 is proven to support immune system function, enhance mood state, reduce fatigue, and optimize bone and muscle tissue health. Vitamin D3 with olive oil is the clinical dose of sunshine you need to help you get through those long gloomy days.


✔️VITAMIN D3 10,000IU: 1,250% DV, 90 soft gels, $0.18 per serving


Strengthened Immune System: One of the key functions of vitamin D is keeping your immune system healthy and strong. Research shows that Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased susceptibility to infection [R]. Studies have shown that increased vitamin d levels have decreased reports of upper respiratory tract infections, than those with insufficient levels [R].

Improves Mood State: Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in mood state and regulating stress and anxiety. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the ‘winter blues’ is correlated with low vitamin d levels, due to lack of sun. Vitamin D has been proven to help enhance mood state and mild depression especially during the long winter days [RRRR]

Supports Heart Health: Vitamin D has a protective effect on the heart, through the suppression of inflammation directly on the cells of the heart and blood vessel walls* [R]

Supports Stronger Bones: In building stronger bones, calcium has an indispensable assistant: Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 helps the body absorb calcium to fortify overall bone health and maintain a healthy immune system* [R]

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Nutrition & Use

SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 Vitamin D3 soft gel capsule every 1-2 days with 8oz of water, preferably with a meal or as directed by healthcare professionals.

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