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With the release of T25 in June 2013, Beachbody, and the rest of the workout community, entered into a new era of high intensity/short duration workouts.  Soon after, we were gifted with other short duration Beachbody workouts, including P90X3, P90, Insanity Max 30, 21 Day Fix, among others.  Most of these workouts are 30 minutes or under, and feature multiple workouts and multiple phases, call claiming to delivery amazing results, in under 30 minutes a day.

We’ve received many questions and comments around which 30 minute workout reigns supreme, and delivers the best results for each person.  Many of the questions we’ve gotten include:

  • I’ve done P90X, but its too long, should I do P90X3 or T25?
  • I’m looking to loose weight, but not gain a ton of muscle, which workout is best, P90X3 or T25?
  • Does T25 deliver the same results as P90X3 or the P90 series?
  • Who is a better trainer, Tony Horton or Shaun T?

The answer is, BOTH!  It really comes down to what results you are looking to achieve.  In the following article, I’ll highlight both programs, go over the pro’s and con’s, and describe which workout makes sense for the results you are looking to achieve.

The Programs

Before we delve into the intricacies of each program, here is a quick overview of each program.



P90X3 is the successor to Tony Horton’s wonderful P90 series of workouts.  When P90X3 debuted, we did a review of the program, which you can find by clicking here.  Also, we did an overview comparison between P90X, P90X2 and P90X3, which you can find here.

Here are a couple quotes the man, Tony Horton, had to say about P90X3 when it debuted:

“They’re all different, and they all build on each other in both directions by adding different fitness elements. If you’ve already done P90X and P90X2, you’re still going to be challenged by X3. But if you’re starting from scratch, I think it’s the best place to begin.”  – Tony Horton.

“Shorter workouts are a trend in exercise science right now and P90X3 takes that research to a different level. It has to do with interval training and compound moves and mixing different styles of training.” – Tony Horton.

The majority of the P90X3 workouts are 30 minutes in length with a 2 to 3 minute cool down period in the end. The only exception is the Ab Ripper X3, which is only 15 minutes long. The workouts are designed to be completed in three blocks, each lasting between 4 to 5 weeks each. The first two blocks last 4 weeks and the last block is 5 weeks long. If you want to continue past the initial 90 day period, you can follow the Elite Block calendar and add an additional 4 weeks to the program. If you wish to do this, you will need to purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate P90X3 Kits since the Elite Block includes three additional workouts not included with the P90X3 Base Kit. If you prefer, these workouts can also be purchased separately in addition to the base kit itself.

In addition to the block schedule, you will also have the option to follow workout schedules depending on your fitness goals. The four options include the Classic, Lean, Doubles and Mass.

The Results

P90X3 is definitely easier than P90X or P90X2 for sure, however if you goal is to gain muscle mass, while still burning fat, this is your workout.  The routines are upbeat and quite energetic, and will keep you moving for the entire duration.  However, this is still a P90 series workout, so muscle building is definitely part of the equation.  If your new to P90x and have a reasonable fitness base (can do a push-up, walk for 10 minutes and do downward dog) or you want to get in and get out, this is where to start.  Thirty Minutes a day, that’s 3 hours a week to lose that weight and get in awesome shape.

Here is a quick intro to P90X3

Focus T25

The T25 program is a combination of moves of Insanity, Asylum, Hip Hop Abs and some new moves coming together to create an entirely new experience and way of thinking.  Focus T25 is a non-stop sweat session for 25 minutes straight, no breaks, no  rest, just move after move.  You can find our initial review of Focus T25 here.

The program is divided into 2 phases, Alpha and Beta phases.  Alpha phase is designed to build your foundation, core and endurance, allowing you to handle the more strenuous Beta phase.  Unlike Insanity, this program is much longer, at 10 weeks.  Also, if you are up to the challenge, there is a third phase called Gamma, which can be bought separately, and consists of an additional 4 exercises and is 5 weeks in length.  All in, this program is 15 weeks long, which should allow you to achieve the body you want.

The Results

Focus T25 is all about cardio conditioning and focused intensity.  If you are new to fitness, or are trying to get back into shape, you will love this workout.  Shaun T is a great trainer, who is easy to follow, and makes you feel like you are doing an amazing job, even if you are barely making it through the first 5 minutes of the workout.  When I did T25, it was a great change from Insanity.  It is DEFINITELY LESS intense than Insanity, which many people will love.  One of the major complaints I’ve heard with Insanity was the sheer level of intensity that goes into doing the workout.  T25 does a great job of reeling back the intensity, while still delivering great results.

Here is a quick video and overview on Focus T25

Which Workout is Right for YOU?

The answer depends on your goals.  Are you overweight and looking to significantly reduce your body fat percentage?  Or, are you already in OK shape, and are looking to build additional muscle mass and get into great shape?

If you want to drop body fat percentage and lose weight, in a short amount of time, Focus T25 is your workout.  Many people have lost 30-40 pounds, and 10-15% body fat percentage over the course of doing 1 round of T25.  The intensity and method of T25 does a great job in simply melting the fat off your body.

On the other hand, P90X3 is a great workout if you are looking to get into the P90 series of workouts, and add a decent amount of muscle mass to your body.  This program is one of my favorites, and I routinely incorporate the workouts into my weekly regimine.  You get (almost) the same results of P90X, crammed into a short 30 minute session.  The workouts are intense, and your muscles are left sore and tired.  However, the end result is a great, lean body look, with a large amount of muscle mass added, over 90 days.

Have you done T25 and/or P90X3?  We would love to hear from you.  Leave your stories in the comments below…

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  1. What do you think about the results for T25? Do you really think or see people are losing that amount of weight? I’m looking to start a new workout soon, and have been considering T25.


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