P90X2 Review In Progress

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P90X2 is here!!!  I am currently in week 4 of the P90X2 Foundation stage.  So far, all I can say is WOW is this a hard workout.  I purchased the P90X2 Ultimate Kit, to ensure I would get all of the equipment.  In addition, after noticing some of the workouts required more than 2 medicine balls, I was able to purchase 2 additional 8lb medicine balls from Amazon. I recommend the Valeo 8lb medicine balls, as they are the closest I was able to find the the medicine balls which come with the P90X2 Ultimate Kit.

3 Phases

P90X2 is broken down into 3 phases, similarly to have the original P90X was broken down.  However, these phases are not a rigid 4 week phase as were the originals.  The phases can last from 3 to six weeks, depending on where you are in the program, and how your fitness is progressing.

The phases are:

P90X2 Foundation Phase

Not foundation as in “base training” but as in your attachment to the earth. Working on the “you can’t shoot a canon from a canoe” philosophy the aim of this program is to build you from the ground up. You may think you have a good base from P90X but, I assure you, you are going to find some weak areas and improve them. The two major areas of weakness in the human body, which leads to probably 90% of sports injuries, are shoulder and hip instability. Solve this and non-contact injuries will virtually disappear.

P90X2 Strength Phase

This will feel more familiar to most of you as it’s similar in structure to P90X. The workouts, however, will keep your body evolving. Functional is the key difference as almost every movement is done from an athletic position designed to improve your body’s ability to move better.

P90X2 Performance Phase

Finally you will take what you’ve learned and target your engrams (neuromuscular patterns) to fire efficiently. At this stage you leave “do you best and forget the rest” behind. You’re now walking a razor’s edge of human performance. Push your body to 100% with perfect form. When your form fails, you’re done. The force loads are excessive but the philosophy here is that if you can’t handle force in a controlled situation you won’t be able to handle it when it’s forced upon you.

As I am just finishing up the Foundation Phase, I can assure you, it truly works your foundation.  My core (abs) have never been so sore in my life. Many of the moves are just plain insane to say the least.  Having done a full year of P90X, then another year of Insanity, and finally the P90X/Insanity Hybrid for a while, I can say this workout is a killer for sure, and works you in ways you’ve never experienced before….and I’m only a third of the way through it.

As I continue with the workout, I’ll write my full review in the coming weeks, so stay tuned…

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  1. I’m interested to see your full review, i’m on the fence about buying it



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