P90X Chin Up Max Review

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ChinUpMaxI recently acquired the P90X  Chin Up Max, to aid me in my new P90X3 workouts.  Previously, I had used the P90X Pull Up Bar to perform the various back excerises in the P90X, P90X2 and Insanity Asylum workouts.  However, I recently moved, and upgraded my workout room to include a “Stud Bar” pull up that, that I love.  This bar is significantly higher (9ft ceilings), and the chair I used previously to Max with the pullups, simply will not work any longer.

I purchased the Chin Up Max directly from TeamBeachbody.com, and it arrived a couple days later.  This handy little contraption hooks on to the pull-up bar and allows you to get the normal range of motion for a pull-up without actually being strong enough to lift yourself up.  While doing my normal P90X3 workouts, I found the Chin Up Max to be quite helpful, when you are at the end of your set, or towards the end of a workout, and simply have given all you have, and need alittle boost.  I will say, the Chin Up Max does make the pullups/chinups easier, it can still be a struggle if you adjust it to only offer a minimal amount of assistance.

The Chin Up Max comes un-assembled but it’s easy to put together (trust me, if I can, you can). Once you’ve got it together, you just hook it onto the middle of your pull up bar and then put one foot int the stirrups. Then you put your other foot on top of the first foot (it’s important to put both feet in to avoid uneven weight distribution). Once you’re strapped in, you lift yourself up! You can adjust the resistance of the straps as you get stronger to provide less support. The lower the strap hangs, the less resistance.

For only $39.99, the purchase was well worth it, and I am now able to continue on with my workouts while I am fatigued, and keep on burning calories and “butter” away!

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