The New P90 – A Workout Everyone Can Do!

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The reason why I’m telling you this is very simple, and almost everybody nowadays can relate- society dictates many trends of healthy living, and many people are just sitting on the edge of discovering what it is like to live a healthy lifestyle. Many want to enter the world of fitness, though ignorant enough, cannot figure a way in. Let’s make a pledge today, Ok? Let’s commit to change this fact by locating one close friend or a colleague, or a neighbor, and deliver them a fitness pass that will unlock the secrets of healthy living.

Cautious about telling stories that might bore you to death, I will still go ahead and tell one. It is personal, so I will be trying to make it short.

How I figured the perfect entry to fitness?

Through a lot of work, tell you that.

I’ve been putting myself through myriad of programs, workout regimens, and gym memberships. Throughout the years, of course, and nothing seemed to keep working. I would make some results, sure, but sticking with it, it seems as though, was the hardest part of all. In a love and hate relationship where I bounced back from healthy living more times than they teach you to count in kindergarten, I finally found a break.

It was only after completing some really intense workout programs that I finally realized it is nonsense to keep torturing myself over and over. That was the most important part of the equation, consistency that is, and I couldn’t seem to keep with it as long as I resented the thought of continuing with the same intensity.

Regardless of the great results I made before, life has its way of keeping you busy and immune to health habits from time to time.

So, after I heard about the new P90 workout and read the description, I knew this was the one for me. It was easier to do, thus more fun (I had my days of high intensity workouts but they are over for now).

Completing the workout an idea has struck me- if it worked for me, a guy who already went to extremes with fitness, why not convince all those curious folks to stop looking elsewhere when it comes to fitness, and take a go?

The P90 workout is the perfect fitness program because…

Couple of reasons, actually…

The most important of all, I guess, has to do with the fact that everyone can do it. Back when Tony Horton first introduced it at the annual Beachbody summit in Vegas, he stressed this rather much- this is the one you can do! An on switch to fitness, he called it.

Having a lot of background in the fitness industry, I firmly stand behind his words- everybody can do P90. The level of intensity is matching your level of fitness. There are modifications to every move, and you push as much as you can day after day.

“With P90, I took everything I’ve learned over the past 20 years, and simplified it into all-new workouts that are more doable, less extreme, and made to change your body right away—regardless of your age or fitness level.” ~ Tony Horton

Whenever I’m asked to give fitness advice, people have a hard time putting everything I say together into a well-structured routine. The epilogue, most often than not, is quitting the game before they even start seeing some progress. P90 puts everything together, and this usually translates into staying longer with the habit, completing the program and making things happen. Consistently staying with it, was my biggest challenge so far, as well as I believe other people’s too.

“It works because of a game-changing technique I created called Sectional Progression. I ease you into a variety of cardio, strength, and stability moves that work the back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and legs—and every move strengthens and flattens the abs. These routines don’t get harder until you’re ready for the next challenge. Then, just when you’ve mastered those moves, I up the ante a little more. The entire time staying right there with you. Encouraging you. Keeping it fun.” – Tony Horton

The workouts are super engaging and actually fun to do. Opposing the habitual gym routine where you count reps on top of sets, boredom has a hard time kicking in here. For beginners, though veterans alike, this is a game changer and usually ends up giving great results.

Here is the pledge I would like you to make

Find someone who is reluctant about getting into fitness. Someone who despite strong will is ignorant to most exercise and healthy diet information. Then, instead of trying to broaden their picture about fitness (I run a blog and I still find this a hard thing to do) just recommend the P90 workout by sending them to this the many reviews of P90 that have recently come out. Or, better yet, send it to them as a gift.

People usually build stronger habits when there is some money given out of their pocket, but should you decide to buy the P90 workout for someone close to you, simply nudge them into doing it. They only have to start, and Tony usually does the rest by keeping them engaged and accountable.

Let us buy fitness to someone, shall we?

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  1. P90 is a great program! I have done all the beachbody workouts, but I think I may like this one the best so far. I enjoyed the other p90x series workouts, but with such high intensity, my knees and legs would develop pain after a while. Especially from Insanity….

    These workouts are just what I was looking for to keep in shape, without all the stresses on the body.


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