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In this article, we will take a look at BeachBody’s newest release, Insanity Max 30.  If you have been keeping up with my posts, you will notice that I have started a new Hybrid workout, P90X2 Insanity Max 30 Hybrid, that I am just over a week into thus far.  You can read that article here.  Prior to starting the hybrid workout, I did a few weeks of Insanity Max 30.

In a few short words, I can tell you, its a beast.  Before we get into the full review, lets take a look at what you get with the package.  Included in the box, you get:

  • 10 DVDS, totaling 12 workouts
  • Nutrition to the MAX Guide
    • It doesn’t get any easier than this. No complicated diets or strict meal plans here. Just how to eat what you love and still get crazy-good results
  • MAX Out Guide
    • This book is short and sweet. But it tells you everything you need to know to get maximum results with INSANITY MAX:30
  • MAX Out Wall Calendar & MAX Out Tracker
    • The entire fat-blasting, muscle-shaping program is laid out for you. Find out which workout to do each day and how to keep pushing your MAX OUT times for maximum results
  • No Time to Cook Guide
    • No time? No more excuses! We’ve covered everything about eating on-the-go in this guide. From fine dining to fast food to the frozen food aisle, you’ll know exactly what to eat to fuel your body and stay on track every time

What Equipment is needed?


Just like with all Insanity workouts (except the Asylum) there is no equipment needed to perform the workouts.  The moves and routine are all bodyweight exercises, but they will have you at your MAX in no time.

It’s about using your body to get results. Just like the original INSANITY. No weights. No equipment, but the equipment in your mind and your body. Shaun T’s come up with 150 BRAND‑NEW MOVES. And every one includes a LOW-IMPACT MODIFIER, to make sure you stay in the game until it’s your time to MAX OUT.

The Philosophy of MAX 30

Insanity Max 30 is designed to do one thing, MAX OUT.  When you MAX OUT, you record the time at which you had to stop and rest.  You don’t quit at this point, just take a breather, and proceed on with the workout.  As you progress through the 60 day program, you should notice your MAX OUT time increasing, until you can complete the entire workout.

The Workouts

One thing to note about the workouts, you must, must be in decent shape to attempt them.  They are extremely hard, and not for beginners.  However, if you feel you are up to the challenge, but maybe you do not have the endurance to go all 30 minutes, there is a modifier track on all of the workouts, that focuses on the person performing the modifier move.  This way, you can still do the workout, but you have the benefit of having the modifier move right in front of you the entire time.

Month 1 Workouts

Cardio Challenge

This may have been the hardest workout I’ve ever done in 30 mins.  Imagine compressing down the hardest Insanity MAX or Asylum workout, to just the hardest moves in the workout, then removing any rest period from the workout.  You have Cardio Challenge.  My MAX OUT minute was pretty early here, averaging about 9 minutes in before I had to take a break.

Sweat Intervals

This workout is PLYO PLYO PLYO for 30 minutes straight.  Make sure you have a good set of shoes for this workout.  You do get a few breaks in this workout, however they are few and only 30 seconds long.  As a work of caution, this workout is very high intensity and high impact.  If you have bad knees or ankles, you could have a problem with this workout.

This workout is interval training at its finest! Insanity Max 30 is where it’s at with Sweat Intervals. You won’t even notice that 30 minutes is complete, and you will be left covered in sweat.

Tabata Power

This workout takes a different approach than the previous two workouts.  You start off with a grueling warmup routine, then get into the workout.  The moves reminded me of Insanity Power and Resistance, in that the moves are similar.  However, this workout is structured with a 20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF routine during the 5 minute blocks of time.  Trust me, that 10 seconds is a life saver.  At the end of 20 seconds, your muscles are begging you to stop and take a break.

Tabata Strength

Strength follows the same format as Tabata Power, however these moves are more focused on muscle building movements.  You will do a done of push ups, in all varieties during this workout.  There is no rest in Insanity Max 30 Tabata Strength either. You perform 4 different moves, two times each. In addition to pushups, you will have Burpee Lunges, Plyo lunges, Split lung punches, Lung Kicks, and much more! It keeps getting harder and harder and harder. Tabata Strength is all about building incredible strength.

Friday Fight: Round 1

This is one of the most exciting workouts you will do. Think martial arts inspired cardio workouts where you will really have to dig deep and give it everything you have.  No rest, one water break, and lots and lots and lots of LEGS.  Plyo Burpees, lunges, all kinds of glory to have your legs want to simply fall off from the punishment, especially since this is the last workout of the week, and may be the hardest.

I have not made it to the MAX OUT routine yet, those reviews will be followed up in part 2 of this review.

Month 2 Workouts

MAX OUT Cardio



MAX OUT Strength

Friday Fight: Round 2

Additional Workouts


This workout is reminicent of old-school Insanity, designed to burn through the maximum amount of calories.  SweatFest is a total body workout, with no modifier track, working your abs, arms, lets, hips and glutes, all in a crazy 30 minute workout.


This is a recovery workout, sort of, but not really.  You will still face all sorts of squats and plyo moves, as well as some very strong core engagement for the duration of the workout.

Shaun T was quoted saying:



A word to the wise.  This workout is NOT for beginners.  Workout like T25 take things slow, then work up to a harder routine.  Not with Insanity MAX 30.  You need to be in relatively good physical shape to be able to take on this workout.  If you cannot get through a round of the original Insanity, or one of the BETA phase T25 workouts, then this program may not be for you.  We hope you enjoyed part 1 of our Insanity Max 30 Review, stay tuned to part 2 coming in February.

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  1. Looks NUTS! I love Shaun T, have been following him and doing his workouts for years. I am going to order the new workout soon, i can’t wait to do it.


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