Getting back to Insanity

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Ever since I acquired the Insanity workout, I’ve always used it as a filler for the cardio days of P90X, and then P90X2.  I got bored with the P90X/2 cardio routines, and decided I wanted something more challenging, which is why I turned to Insanity.

For a time, Insanity filled the void of the same old routine, but this summer, my workouts have drastically suffered.  Work and personal issues have gotten in the way of working out as much as I have wanted.  While I haven’t gained any considerable weight, thank god, I feel like a total slob and glutten, for not keeping up with my workouts.  In addition, I simply got bored with the same ole’ routine over and over again.

I haven’t been to the gym in well over a year because I’ve been focused on my dvd workouts of P90X2.  I enjoy the P90X2 workouts very much , as you can tell from earlier blog posts of my review, and subsequent individual workout reviews here, here and here.  However, even the best workouts get tired and played out after a while.

Therefore, I’ve decided to get back to Insanity.  As I mentioned earlier, I have never done the entire Insanity workout.  In fact, I’ve only one 1 of the MAX workouts, since I was only using them as filler for the cardio routines of my P90X/2 workouts.  I’m going to do then entire Insanity workout, start to finish, following the guide as closely as possible, to get the best results.  I’ve only been workout about 2 days a week due to my schedule, but my time is starting to free up now, so I’ll be able to dedicate myself to the workouts.  And, as we all know, motivation and persistence are the keys to success in your workouts.  My new goal and motivation is to finish every workout, from start to finish, for the entire 60 day time span…

Time to get sweaty and start working….

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  1. Update:

    Wow. After one week, I can’t believe how much better I feel. I was insanely sore after the first two days of plyo cardio and cardio power and resistance, but now I’m back in the grind. These workouts really are intense and INSANE! But they work, and thats why I’m continuing to do them.


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