Fitness vs. Comfort at Hilton Hotels

by | Aug 22, 2011 | 3 comments |

Depending on the type of project I am working on, I tend to travel quite a bit for work.  Hilton Hotels has been my brand of choice, due to the great reward program they offer.  My latest stay in Montreal, was not as I would have expected though.

In my last few trips to Montreal, I’ve stayed at the Embassy Suites, which I love.  However, out of comfort and convience, I decided to stay at the Hilton Hotel, as its only 2 blocks away from the offices, vs about 10 blocks for the Embassy.  Each stay at the Embassy, I would try and hit the fitness center every day, however it was quite small and had a limited selection of equipment.  At the Hilton, I was/am blown away by the workout facility.  It is much bigger than some private gyms at home.

So, now comes the fitness vs. comfort debate.  For those of you who have stayed at an Embassy, you konw what I’m talking about.  They are fabulous hotels, especially the one in Montreal.  It was recently updated, and is absolutely phenomenal.  I especially enjoy their “managers reception” every night after work.  The Hilton on the other hand, was quite the opposite.  The Hilton in downtown Montreal is definately starting to show its age.  None of the rooms have WIFI, which is quite a pain in the ass, as I am writing this article with a 25 foot network cord stretched across the room.  In addition, the bathrooms are a little gross, with black mold in the vents of the sinks, and a tub filled with 6 inches of water by the time I was done with my shower.  I’m even in a upgraded room, on the “executive floor.”  I’d hate to see what a non-upgraded room looks like.

However, as I stated before, the fitness center is second to none.  I’ve only been in there once so far, but I intend on hitting it up every day this week.  So, begs the question, is a phenomenal gym good enough to offset sub-par accommodations when compared to a hotel with amazing accommodations, but a sub-par fitness center?

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  1. I still love Hilton, just had a bad experience. Oh well…it happens every now and then

  2. I actually like Hilton brand hotels. I rarely stay at a “Hilton” hotel, mostly Embassy and Hampton, but they are nice. Plus I love the Hilton Honors program….

  3. Hilton hotels are horrible. I stay at Marriotts if possible. If I have to stay at a Hilton, I prefer the embassy or double tree. The actual Hilton’s aren’t very good from my experience.


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