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As I’m writing this post, sitting next to my wife on our couch, I’m contemplating many things, most significantly, the impending birth of our first child within the next week.  I’m unsure what to expect, I’m unsure what new fatherhood will mean, on a number of levels, and I’m unsure what it means for my wife and I, from a fitness, finance and parental standpoint.


For the last 7 years, since our wedding, I have taken my fitness and health very seriously.  I began my fitness journey by starting P90X, then Insanity, and have since progressed to all of the BeachBody workouts, as well as others.  I transformed my body from 205 lbs (I’m 6’0), to 165lbs completely shredded, to stabilizing at 185lbs.  For the last year, I’ve been in a very happy place, from a fitness perspective.  We recently had the opportunity to build a new home, and I took chance to build a nice 600sq ft gym in the basement.  I have been able to maintain my fitness much easier than before.

As the impending birth of my son nears, I know life will change.  My hope and goal, however, is after the initial few weeks of new parenting and routines set in, I will be able to resume my usual regimen.  Thinking about the future, I want to ensure my wife and I are maintaining our health and fitness levels in a effort to ward off any potential health risks associated with unhealthy lifestyles.  We are very adamant about eating healthy, and living an active lifestyle, so maintaining this lifestyle will be important.  We are fortunately to live in a very private development, and therefore we frequently take walks, without the fear or risk of traffic coming through on a frequent basis.  In addition, we have purchased jogging strollers and other items that will allow us to be mobile with the little guy, and maintain our activity level.


Personal finance, and education around sound financial management is paramount to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are adamant savers, and are lucky to have dual incomes.  As a general rule, we typically save 40% or so of our monthly net income, as well as contributing the maximum amount to our 401Ks.  As we have started to plan for our new future, college, cars, retirement and other financial goals start to become more real and tangible.  We have been actively working with our financial adviser to plan for our future, and ensure we will be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for our children.

Additionally, we recently renewed our Costco membership, and bumped up to the executive level, while I highly recommend.  Even though the cost is double at $110/year, the benefits are far greater.  We realized we were spending more money than before on organic produce and good, vs purchasing them at the grocery store.  Costco’s selection is fantastic, I highly applaud their procurement team for selecting such great products.  Purchasing bulk items, especially paper products, such as paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, diapers, etc…is far more cost effective than the grocery store, or even Walmart.  When comparing unit price to unit price, Costco comes out a head most of the time.


My Son. I’m going to be a father.  Someone is going to be solely dependent on my wife and I for many years to come.  That is a scary thought.  All that replays in my head is my mother’s voice repeating, “You just won’t understand until you have kids of your own…”  That time has come, and I’m actually scared.  OK, maybe more nervous than scared, but still, we are having a kid, and that’s life changing.  If my son puts me through half the crap I put my parents though, the half they know about, I’m in trouble.  Joking aside, I’m excited, nervous, scared, anxious, and just about every other emotion one can have.  I know we will be great parents, and I hope I can raise my kids as well as my parents raised my sister and I.

Life’s about to change….

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  1. I love the article. My wife and I are expecting soon as well. Its our first. We are so excited.

  2. Its going to be a life changer for sure! Good Luck!!!

  3. Great article. I was in your shoes a couple years ago, however we were having twins, so it was quite the change. Life will change, and it will take some getting used to, especially the first couple months. The best advice I can give is to make sure you continue to work on your relationship with your spouse, and many times that relationship becomes the last to get any attention.


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