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Are you one of the millions of workers across the world who work in an office environment day in and day out?  I am, and I am routinely looking for ways to get some physical activity in during the day. Weightloss-hq.biz has published a great article on how to incorporate some activitiy in your day.

Here are a few exercises and routines you can perform while on your lunch break, sitting in your cube, or lounging in your office.


Simple Exercises right from your Chair

See below for more rigorous exercises at your desk, but we wanted to start by listing some of the easy ones.

  • Side stretches are perfect exercises to do at your desk.  This exercise will help to keep your spine aligned.  It is a simple movement that anyone can likely do.  Start with your arms raised over your head.  Lean gently over to each side as far as you can go.  These office desk exercises can be done as many times as you want throughout the day.   Be careful; however, if your chair is not stable.  If you are not comfortable raising your hands over your head, you can put both hands on your waist and move from side to side as far as you can safely go.
  • Arm raises will help to protect you against carpal tunnel syndrome, poor circulation, and weight gain.  These are extremely simple office desk exercises that have amazing benefits.  You have a few different choices on how to perform these office desk exercises.  You can raise your arms straight over your head, raise them to the sides, or raise them behind you.  All of these methods will work because the goal is to simply raise your arms, which will keep your blood flowing to increase your heart rate and rev up your metabolism.
  • Butt squeezes are one of the easiest exercises you can do at your desk.  Just squeeze your buttock muscles and release as many times a day as you can.  No one will ever know you are exercising.
  • Perform modified leg lifts. These leg lifts involve straightening your knees and lifting your legs out in front of you.
  • Stretch your entire body while just sitting there to get your blood going.

Exercises to do at your Desk that involve More Movement

  • Desk Pushups – Push your Chair back and stand a comfortable distance from your desk with hands on the edge of your desk.  Perform a pushup arms shoulder width and at about a 45 degree angle.  Do this with your arms wide and close together for variety. Do push-ups off of the edge of your desk every half hour (10 reps).
  • With water bottles or dumbbells, do bicep curls , triceps extensions, shoulder raises and presses.
  • March in place to use your large leg muscles and to get your blood flowing.
  • Raise your feet up on the toes and then lower them.  This is an easy calf exercise.
  • Do chair squats.  Sitting in your chair to begin, arms straight out and locked, stand up.  Now squat down until your rear touches the chair and stand up.  Do 10 reps.  For leg squat variety adjust your chair height.  Lowering your chair height is more difficult, higher is easier.

These are easy, yet effective exercise to do at your desk that will help keep you strong and healthy.

Ideas for Working out during Lunch

If you are able to break away for lunch or a 15 minute break, this can do wonders for your fitness goals in addition to the office desk exercises.  If it is possible, spend your lunch hour doing physical activity, and then eat at your desk when you get back.  If this is not possible, it is important to fit in time to eat your lunch.  Exercise for the majority of the time, and then take a few minutes to eat a healthy lunch.

During your lunch hour, you may be able to fit in a 30 minute class at your local gym.  If not, consider taking a power walk around the neighborhood or around your office building.

If exercising during your lunch hour is not an option, do not worry.  These quick and easy exercises to do at your desk are perfect for those stuck inside at a desk all day long.  Try all of these at work exercises or select a few that will work best for you.  Make it fun by making up a special routine of these exercises to do at your desk.

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