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Fitness Coaching

Do you fantasize about your high-school physique?  Are you in a rut, and struggling to find your motivation to get back into shape?  

Health & Wellness Coaching

The basis of our bodies is proper wellness and nutrition.  The food we eat fuels are body, and allows us to achieve in every aspect of our lives. 

Career & Job Coaching

Are you struggling to get noticed at work?  Are you vying for that next career move, or looking to make a change? With over 20 years of corporate experience, we can help.

Personal Coaching

We will work to identify your relationship issues, whether they exist at work, home or with an old friend, and devise a plan to rebuild and strengthen those bonds.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Through our ESL (EatSweatLive) coaching program, people all over the U.S. have been able to change their lives, become happier and take back control of their lives. Now it’s your turn to take control!

Today we live in a society of immediate gratification, information overload, and pure abstraction.  You want to improve and elevate your health, career and fitness, but you may not know where to start.  You want to get that promotion at work, run that 5K and get back the body you had in high school.

What Is ESL Life Coaching?

What does a life coach do?

It is important to understand the role a life coach plays.  Our coaches work with members to create personal and professional development goals, based around the individual needs of the member.

You want a meaningful, inspired, and ESL life!

We have designed this experience around the individual. Every person is different, and every situation is different.  Our coaching is designed around you, and custom tailored to meet your needs.  From quick 15 minute weekly touch points, to a regimented 10 week program, your program is designed around you.

Life coaching vs. therapy

While life coaching and therapy are both focused on improving people’s well-being, there are distinct differences. Therapists require certain educational and license prerequisites to provide mental health care treatment. Coaching, however, is focused on personal and professional development. Coaches will help their clients build and utilize the right tools to reach their goals but don’t (and shouldn’t) offer clinical mental health care. Let’s dig into this more.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Successful people have sworn by life coaches for years, but a lot of people are still hesitant to hire one. A life coach can help you figure out what you want to do with your life and, more importantly, they can help you figure out how to do it.

You Have A Vision, But No Clear Plan

There are times where you may have a goal or vision, but have no clue as to how to achieve it. It is a life coach’s job to guide you through the steps of creating a plan of action so that you can get to where you want to be. A lot of great ideas go unrealized due to a lack of organization and clarity, and the world misses out every time.

You Need To Improve Your Health & Fitness

Whatever the reason, if your health could use some attention and renovating, you may want to hire a health coach. Health coaches can help you plan out your meals and determine which foods will benefit you and which are hurting your body. If you want to get into shape fast, it’s best not to go it alone.

You Feel Lost

One thing that life coaches are great at is helping people find their way when they are feeling lost and confused. If you have come to a point where you don’t know who you are or what you want, working with a life coach is the perfect starting point for your new life journey.

You Want To Change Your Profession

If you’re looking to break out of your day job and start your own business or enter a new field, the expert guidance of a life coach can give you the confidence and assurance you need to take the necessary leap.

You Don’t Always Follow Through

If you need someone to help keep you accountable, an online life coach is the best person to have at your side. If you tend to give up or downplay the importance of some of your obligations, you may want to have someone there to remind you to finish what you started and help you to stay motivated.

Our Approach

If you decide you are sick of maintaining the status quo, and are ready to change and improve your life, then embark on a journey with me.  You will improve yourself, improve your situation and ultimately gain the lifestyle you’ve imagined.

This is not your average coaching program. ESL Coaching is about is about becoming your most empowered self, from the inside out, and this adventure is designed to make you feel free, powerful, and fully engaged, while giving back.

We have designed this experience around the individual. Every person is different, and every situation is different.  Our coaching is designed around you, and custom tailored to meet your needs.  From quick 15 minute weekly touch points, to a regimented 10 week program, your program is designed around you.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

One of our coaches will meet with you, free of charge, to understand your goals and discuss if coaching may be right for you, based on your unique requirements and objectives.


Choose a Coaching Plan

Next, you’ll choose a coaching plan that’s right for your needs, budget and goals.  Our coaches will ensure your plan maximizes your results and drives towards success in all aspects you’re looking to improve

Reach Your Goals

You’ll have our personal contact information and you’ll be free to message, voice note, send questions, updates etc. between sessions. Similarly, if we find any resources (podcasts, videos, books) that might support you on your journey we will send them through as well.

One-Time Coaching Package

If you are unsure of a specific aspect of your life, and simply need some direction or advice, this package is for you.  We will meet via video conference or phone call for a 1v1 session to dive into a particular topic you’d like to discuss.

More Details

This one-time coaching session is designed to get you over the hump, or maybe you’ve done coaching before, and simply need a quick touchpoint or check-in.  We can work on the specific objectives you’re looking to achieve, as well as dive into the current issues at hand, whether its work, fitness, health and wellness, we have you covered.

Weekly Coaching

Do you feel you are struggling with finance, work, school, family, etc… and are unsure where to turn? Do you need a helping hand to ensure you meet you goals, whether it be work, home or on the road? Our Weekly Coaching sessions are for you.  

More Details

Our weekly coaching sessions are the typical coaching sessions we support for our clients, and the frequency our clients typically find the most helpful and supportive.  We will meet with you one-on-one via video conference, phone call or other medium to discuss your goals, document your progress, and ensure you’re keeping on track with your objectives and goals.

Monthly Coaching

Monthly coaching is for those who may not have time to dedicate to weekly, or simply want a healthy checkup each month to stay on point, and maintain their progress.

More Details

If you’ve done coaching prior, or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to a weekly session, our Monthly Coaching sessions are the perfect frequency to ensure you’re hitting your goals, but not having to check-in as much or on a regular basis.  Many of our clients graduate from weekly to monthly sessions after they have achieved initial success in their goals and objectives.

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