Chest+Back+Balance Review

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I’ve finished the FOUNDATION phase of P90X2, and moved into the STRENGTH phase.  After three weeks, I’m still blown away by the Chest+Back+Balance workout.  I thought I was in shape by having done Insanity prior to starting P90X2, however I was sadly mistaken.  Some of the moves required for this workout, I still cannot do after three weeks of working on the STRENGTH phase.

Lets move on to the Chest+Back+Balance Review…

The Workout


The warmup is the same as the rest of the P90X2 workouts.  Same moves and exercises, loosening up your muscles and warming up your body.  Here’s a list of the typical moves you’ll find.

  • Stability Ball Twist
  • Stability Ball Squat
  • Stability Ball Side Stretch
  • Stability Ball Alternating Back Lunge
  • Atlas w/Stability Ball
  • Foam Rolling
  • Roller Angel
  • Roller Sphinx
  • Worlds Greatest Stretch
  • Inch Worm
  • Table
  • Scapular Retraction

Main Workout:

The main workout is very tough.  Even after doing Insanity and a P90X/Insanity Hybrid, I still have a hard time with a few of the moves here, although most of the trouble lies in the back workouts, rather than the chest moves.

  • Pull-Up X
  • Plyo Stability Ball Push-Ups
  • Core Crunch Chin-Ups
  • Push-Up Side Arm Balance (with medicine ball)
  • Lever Pull-Ups
    • These are nearly impossible, without having a very, very strong core.  The lever moves requires you to move your whole body in a very rigid, boardlike way, maintaining complete straightness while swinging your legs up parallel to the floor.  I still cannot do these without the pullup assist.
  • 4-Ball Push-Ups
  • Chin Pull
  • The Impossible/Possible Push-Up
    • Another nearly impossible move, without extremely strong core strength.  Performing push ups on two stability balls is not very hard, however when trying to maintain form with your legs on the stability ball, is nearly impossible.  It took me numerous tries on the first try to execute the move, and I was only able to get a few push ups done.  By the last workout I did, I was able to perform 10 to 12 reps.
  • L Pull-Ups
    • Another hard move.  This one requires you to hold your legs out straight, while performing a pull up, maintaining an L-shape as you move up and down.  Again, these work your abdominal muscles in an extreme way, and after a couple weeks, I was able to perform this move with little help.
  • 3-Ball Plyo Push-Ups
  • Vaulter Pull-Ups
  • Elevated Stability Ball Push-Ups
  • In & Out
  • Swimmers Push-Ups
  • 4-Grip Pull-Ups
  • Double Wide Push-push-Ups
  • Double Wide Pull-Ups
  • Chattarocker
  • Towel Pull-Ups
  • Medicine Ball Plyo Push-Ups

This workout works you in a way much different than the previous P90X Chest and Back workout.  During that workout, you felt more of an overall fatigue near the end of it.  With Chest+Back+Balance, you are physically wiped from having to utilize your core muscles in nearly every move.  With time, you’ll eventually be able to perform most of the moves, however if you are having a difficult time with this workout, I would recommend performing a few extra weeks of the FOUNDATION phase X2 Core and Total Body workouts to help stabilize your core.


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