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How to Build Huge Legs

Building huge leg muscles is a common goal for many weightlifters and bodybuilders. The legs are the foundation of the body, and having well-developed legs...

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100 Pushups a Day for 30 Days

Jeremy Ethier is a kinesiologist and fitness trainer, co-founder of Built With Science. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and he delivers clear information with sound background research.  He's also one of our favorite youtubers and influencers on...

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How to Get Lean in 2023

One of our favorite youtubers, Jeff @ Athlean X has a great video on how to get lean, with zero B.S. involved. The Plan If you ever wished you had a no b.s. way to get lean because things you have tried in the past to lose body fat just haven’t worked, then this is...

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6 BEST Tricep Exercises According to Science

Jeff at Athlean X, has put together the 6 BEST tricep exercises, according to science. Add these exercises into your training if you want to build better arms. BEST Tricep Exercises According to Science “When it comes to choosing tricep exercises, there are many to...

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Angles90 Review

Have you heard of Angles90?  No? You HAVE to check them out right away, they will change the way you workout.  I heard about Angles90 a couple months ago from a video posted by Garage Gym Reviews.  If you haven't checked out Coop and his channel, you should, its a...

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Guide to Six Pack Abs in 2023

One of our favorite YouTube channels, AthleanX has produced a video on developing some rock hard abs for the new year. Guide to Six Pack Abs in 2023 "If you want to get six pack abs without any equipment and you’re not sure what ab workout to do, then this is the one...

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How to Build Lower Pec Chest Muscles

Learn how to build chest muscle mass for your lower pecs with these great tips from Jeff at Athlean X. “The lower chest line is something that many guys struggle to develop.  In this video, I’m going to show you how to get defined lower pecs by hitting the bottom most...

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Can You Lose Weight Just By Walking?

Is all you need to do to lose weight is simply to walk?  YES!***  Caveat that with keeping in a caloric deficit and watching your macros, and YES is the answer.  In the summer of 2022, a couple of us decided to try something new, and skip the cardio, and focus on...

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What is the Murph Workout (WOD)

The Murph workout is a challenging bodyweight circuit named after U.S. Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy. It is often done on Memorial Day in honor of Lt. Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005. It is a tradition for many CrossFit boxes and military...

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Focus T25 Overview

In the spirit of revisiting some of the past Beachbody program, we are going to take a modern look at the program from Beachbody and Shaun T, Focus T25. The Beachbody T25 program is a high-intensity, full-body workout program that is designed to help individuals get...

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How to Build a Larger Chest

A strong chest not only looks impressive, but it can also improve your performance in various physical activities. From playing sports to lifting weights, a strong chest can give you the power and stability you need to excel. But how do you build a stronger chest?...

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