Another P90X3 Sneak Peak

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p90x3greatthingsCheckout another P90X3 sneak peak, brought to you by Tony Horton!  This video showcases how P90X3 is geared around time, similar to Focus T25.   The workouts are structured around 30 minutes of time, instead of the hour or more, some of the P90X and P90X2 workouts required.

The workouts focus on quick, intense moves, one right after the other, with minimal rest, to maximize both your time, and your results!  P90X3 means “CONCENTRATED INTENSITY” in only 30 minutes or time.

There appears to be a slew of new and unique moves in this workout, and they all look amazing.  I can honestly say, I’m more excited for P90X3 than I was for P90X2.  The time required, the intensity, and the moves all look like its shaping up to be a great workout program.

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