This is My Story

Welcome, and thank you for being a part of our community. We created this blog several years ago to help you discover, as we did, they information necessary to change your life.  We all want the perfect body, vast amounts of wealth, and that amazing spouse and/or kids.  However, finding the path to achieve your goals, can often be just as elusive as the rewards themselves.

At, we will take a look at the latest fitness information, diet fads, and personal finance information, to help you achieve your desired results, goals and dreams, and transform your life!

I was in the position of many of you are today, a number of years ago, on the eve of getting married. I decided to do something about it, and it changed my life for the better. At 27 years old, and 50lbs overweight, I was a far cry from my college and high schools days. Through nutrition modification (not dieting) and a strict exercise regime provide by Tony Horton, via P90X, I was able to drop over 50lbs, and regain that sixpack I once had during my high school sports days. In addition, through the sound financial advise of Dave Ramsey, and many others, I was able to pay off debt, refinance my house, and significantly accelerate my personal financial goals.


What Attributes Make People Successful?

There are three basic factors that make people successful:

  • Persistence. Most people give up far too early. It usually takes at least 18 months, and sometimes much longer, for the effects of anything you start to really be felt on a large scale.
  • Listening to those who matter, and tuning out those who don’t. You can safely ignore the family member who tells you you won’t ever make it, but it’s important to listen to your customer when he or she has a complaint about your service.
  • Creating on a consistent basis. Emailing, Tweeting, and watching TV don’t count as “work”. Actually creating something, every single day, is how you build a fantastic business.

All of these attributes, when combined together can allow an individual to achieve greatness, the likes they never have witnessed before. While we advocate the successes of the BeachBody programs on, they are by no means the only way to success. I personally have used a combination of methodologies to achieve his desired goals, not just the solutions provided by BeachBody.