5 Tasty Substitutes for High Fat Foods

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In order to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit. There are several ways to do this, but one quick way is to substitute healthy low calorie or low fat foods for the high calorie or high fat foods that you eat.

This article was originally posted on FitWatch.com, but is a fantastic article on how to eat healthier and lose weight?

Here are 5 tasty substitutes for more common high calorie or high fat foods:

1) Soda pop has no redeeming qualities other than it tastes good. It’s high in sugar, containing about 3 tablespoons per 12 ounce can, and often contains sodium and caffeine. Switching to diet soda made with an artificial sweetener is better than downing all the sugar. Better yet is to drink water instead. If the flavor of water gets boring, jazz it up by adding a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange juice. Try sparkling water as a change of pace. Add a slice of fresh fruit, like peach, or watermelon and mash it against the side of the glass to release flavors. Do this with fresh mint and lime and you have yourself a nonalcoholic mojito.

2) French fries, especially piping hot from the fryer are divine, but play havoc with your waist line. If you’ve got to have that flavor, you can thinly slice fresh potatoes, spray with cooking oil, sprinkle with salt and herbs like chili flakes, basil or oregano, or freshly ground pepper and bake. Even better is to substitute baked sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes are full of fiber and beta carotene; that’s where they get their beautiful orange color.

3) Store bought granola bars are a convenience but are high in fat and sugar. Try low fat bars (but watch for added sugar!) or try whole wheat crackers (such as Triscuit) with low fat cheese.

Flavored yogurts are high in sugar, and unless you buy nonfat, have a substantial amount of fat. Choose plain nonfat yogurt and add your own flavors with sliced fruit and chopped nuts, and a splash of vanilla extract. Use organic honey as a sweetener or even a bit of fruit jam. Start with just a teaspoon, you can always add more but you can’t take the sweetener out.

5) For baked potatoes or dip mix, substitute nonfat plain yogurt for half the sour cream. I bet you won’t even notice the difference! A better choice is to skip the sour cream completely. Use half nonfat yogurt and half nonfat cottage cheese whirled in the blender until smooth. Add freshly chopped parsley or dill and chopped green onions. Salt and pepper to taste. A great low fat version of spinach dip is two cups of the cottage cheese/nonfat yogurt instead of the sour cream and mayonnaise called for in most recipes.

Make these easy switches to create a calorie deficit and the weight will start melting off in no time!

Source: http://www.fitwatch.com/weight-loss/5-tasty-substitutes-for-high-fat-high-calorie-foods-132.html

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