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Focus T25 Overview

In the spirit of revisiting some of the past Beachbody program, we are going to take a modern look...





How to Build Huge Legs

Building huge leg muscles is a common goal for many weightlifters and bodybuilders. The legs are...



Trending News and Articles

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Top 10 Ways to Control Portions

, produced a fantastic article highlighting one of the number one ideals for losing weight, and keeping it off....Portion Control. Ask anyone who has achieved long-term...

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How to Get Lean in 2023

One of our favorite youtubers, Jeff @ Athlean X has a great video on how to get lean, with zero B.S. involved. The Plan If you ever wished you had a no b.s. way to get lean...

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10 Cokes a Day for a Month

By now you probably know that drinking too much soda is bad for your health. It can lead to expanding waistlines, put you at a greater risk of type 2 diabetes, and increase the...

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4 Day Split for Mass

This 4 day mass split for mass exercise plan will strengthen and add mass to your muscles, while increasing your endurance.  For this routine, you will want to focus on low to...

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Alcohol’s Effects on Weight-loss

, did a great article recently on the effects drinking alcoholic beverages on the body, and the results may surprise you... In the never-never land of diet hype,...

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Does Shakeology Work?

In this article, we look at Shakeology, the partner program to all of BeachBody's fantastic workout series', such as Insanity, P90X, T25, etc... With every infomercial, DVD kit...

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Food is the Root of Health

Proper diet and exercise drives healthy habits

A healthy diet and mental acuity builds the foundation to a great life, and helps to fuel the body to achieve amazing success, whether in the gym or at the office.  At EatSweatLive we strive to provide the resources and expertise to help change your life and achieve success.

Wellness, Inspiration and Drive

Live your life like you’ve only imagined

No regrets, only memories. Keep living every day to the fullest, making the most out of life, seeking adventure, and truly living, rather than merely existing.  From meditation to professional coaching, we can help you to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations.  Our ESL coaching programs are designed to help you achieve success.

Fitness, Training & Fun

Physical fitness creates strength you can feel

A physical fitness routine, including regular cardio, weight training, and body weight movements, keeps your body young and fights age.  Aches and pains will melt away as your push for results and drive towards your goals.  Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds, get back into shape, or train for competition, we have you covered.




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